Park on the city streets.  Enter the farm from the intersection of Eastview Lane and Heritage Hills Drive.  

Approximately 1232 Eastview Lane

Date: Postponed 

Time:  Noon until dusk   

In our effort to "Always Remember Him," come walk a symbolic path

of His Love, Sacrifice, and Resurrection.

Due to the recommendations of health care experts,

the Alpine Easter Walk will not be held in April 2020. 

We know you will find ways to "Always Remember Him" this Easter.   

No tickets needed

Alpine Easter Walk

Come anytime from Noon till dusk.  The walk is self guided.  Please be reverent and speak in whispers to allow all to feel the significance of this event.  

To enhance your experience, watch this 5 minute video, "My Kingdom is not of this World" before arriving.  

Why seek ye the living among the dead? 

 He is not here but has risen.  

- Luke 24:5.6

Due to Covid-19, the Alpine Easter Walk will not be held April 2020

Always Remember Him